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We would love for you to be a Bar Hero partner.  Bar Hero showcases the best venues, and this is why and how Bar Hero can help.

Some challenges for Bars

People often stay with what they are comfortable with.

There is no way of being able to “boost” quiet times outside of traditional advertising avenues.

It is difficult to find a cost effective way of marketing to target groups and new demographics.

Correspondence when organising groups can be costly and time consuming.

Some challenges for Customers

There isn’t a single platform to search the best bars in the area whilst offering such a unique attraction to customers

Groups have few ways to get the best value for money on a night out trying to organise a venue for a group can be time consuming and costly


A marketing platform utilising an effective referral system encouraging word of mouth reviews regarding the experience at your venue – proven across various industries as the most trusted and demographically targeted forms of advertising.

A great tool for groups to organise a day/evening out with the bonus of a heroic discount complimenting your quieter periods. win win!

Offering customers a great opportunity to experience a new venue that they may have not considered before, expanding the range of your clientele

A platform that increases exposure and revenue for your venue.

A crowd building/rent a crowd type booking platform to help build or maintain your venues atmosphere.

Automates and simplifies the booking experience between the customer & venue.

Marketing to tourists, locals, organised staff events, parties, group nights out

Environmentally and socially aware business implementing sustainable initiatives focusing on zero waste offering key information for venues

Digital marketing that targets key demographics for our partners offering bars increased brand exposure through free advertising.

Ok... Whats the Cost?



All we ask is for a 20% discount on the full range of drinks and a selection of food items at least once a day. 

In essence, the only time this costs the venue anything (the discount) is when someone has made a booking and is spending in your venue! Bar Hero is a new & unique tool for venues that guarantees returns on the cost of advertising 100% of the time, every time!

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Get $5 Hero Credit!!

Earn $5 Hero Credit for every first purchase from a friend that uses your referral link

Just a heads up, only $5 Hero Credit can be applied at one time to each group in each booking in the future.